Unextended Aramid-/Kevlarwick of highest quality. Excellent durability, absorbency and abrasive resistance...

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Excellent characteristics through an innovative and unique manufacturing technique...

12.80 / m *

High grade fire wick made from para-aramid fibres.
Width: 25mm, 50mm, 65mm, 80mm, 100mm, 120mm
Thickness: approx 2.5mm

5.95 / m *

Can be used as normal wick or tube for all different kinds of fire props. Made of 100% Kevlar. Width: 50mm, Diameter 28mm

11.00 / m *

32x plaited coat for a maximum of durability, absorbency and abrasive resistance...

13.90 / m *

32x plaited coat. Diameter 23mm for extra long burning time...

19.90 / m *

10mm braided fire rope wick made from 100% pure para-aramid fibres…

7.70 / m *

Aramid (Twaron) thread for making your own fire toys....

9.75 / Roll(s) *

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