Poi length

Total length

In order to fit your individual needs we will customize the length of your poi. You can enter the total length (=entire length of the poi, from the top of handle to the very bottom of the poi-head, as shown in the picture), in the text field "Order comments" in your shopping basket. To avoid confusion please enter the measurement in "cm"!

We assume that all of you know what length you prefer. In case you don't, the following illustrations show 2 basic rules of how to determine the appropriate length of your Poi.

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Maximum length:

Standing in a position as shown in the picture to the left the total length of your Poi should not exceed the distance between the knuckles of your fingers and the ground.

For tricks like buzz-saws or other moves played in front of or close to the body, the poi can still be wrapped around the hands to shorten them during spinning.


Stretch out your hand, away from the body and measure the distance between the middle of your thumb and your armpit.

Your Poi should be slightly shorter if you are a beginner. 
Longer Poi would limit the number of moves you will be able to do, unless you know how to shorten your poi during spinning by wrapping them around your hands.


If you are still not sure just include a note with you order and we will leave the chains / leashes long enough for you to pare them down with wire cutting pliers or something like that after experimenting with different lengths.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact our Support.