Fire Wick Tube - 50mm

Can be used as normal wick or tube for all different kinds of fire props.

Made of 100% Kevlar (Aramid) with integrated brass wire this tube is the best professional quality available: Excellent durability, absorbency and abrasion resistance.

Used as wick:
Width: 50mm
Thickness: approx 3.0mm

Used as tube:
Inner diameter: approx. 28mm
Thickness (wall): approx 1.5mm

Kevlarschlauch, Schlauchband

Kevlarschlauch, Schlauchband

Kevlarschlauch, Schlauchband

This product was specifically developed for professional fire props, such as poi or staff, but can also be used as a tube tube / sleeve for fire swords, and other constructions.

Unlike the conventional woven wicks our product is knitted for a better performance, durability, absorbency, longer burning times,...

As normal scissors will have a hard time with cutting kevlar products we will cut down the wick according to your needs free of charge. Just leave us a short note in your shopping basket.


11.00 / metre(s)
Price incl. VAT, plus delivery

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