Kevlar Rope 23mm

100% (!!!) aramid-/kevlar rope of highest quality and durability. Extremely absorbent and abrasion proof.

Diameter: 23mm

The coat is plaited 32-times (!!!)

Durability and burn time are matchless. We guarantee
the best quality fire rope money can buy.


Kevlar Rope

This 23mm braided fire rope wick is made from 100% pure aramid/-kevlar fibres and does not contain a cotton or fibreglass core. This makes it extremely strong and very durable.

The fibres are heat resistant and will not corrode or weaken when soaked in fuel. It has been designed specifically for use with paraffin type fuels.

Beware of cheaper rope wick with fiberglass content or a fiberglass core. Fiberglass is heavier and less absorbent than aramid/-kevlar fiber resulting in a wick that is of lower quality, less durable and gives you a shorter burn time.

Please note: the width of this rope can vary by a few mm when stretched

All fire products come with a detailed guide for safety and maintenance of your equipment.

19.90 / metre(s)
Price incl. VAT, plus delivery

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