Fire Swinging Torch - Pro

(Material: Kevlar Wick, Wick: B: 50mm / L:40cm)

Strong and resistant fire swinging torch.

Wick: Kevlar






High grade aluminium shaft:
Diameter: 15mm
Length: 46cm

Custom length available on request.

Comfortably fitting 40mm ball handles allow a maximum range of movement with maximum grip. This way you can add dance, poi moves and dramatic stalls to your fire breathing performance.


Kevlar wick 50mm (Thickness: 2,8mm):
L: 40cm, D (head): approx. 40mm



Professional wick of the highest available quality A new and innovative manufacturing technology makes this wick, last longer, than any other wick you know. Made out of 100% Kevlar/Aramid with integrated brass wire it was specifically developed for professional fire toys, such as poi or staff. Unlike the conventional woven wicks our product was produced by a new and innovative machine-made combination of knitting and stitching. Both, the new manufacturing method and the integrated brass wire, significantly minimise abrasion by a much better protection of the edges of the wick. Especially under great strain, such as dropping on hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt while juggling. The annoying fraying of the edges now eventually is a problem of the past. Another advantage of the new manufacturing technology is an improved, superior absorbency and therefore bigger flames and longer burning times.

If used properly this wick should last you several hundred burns if not more.

All fire products come with a detailed guide for safety
and maintenance of your equipment.


Not suitable for fire eating!

Product specifications:
- Shaft: Aluminium, Diameter: 15mm
- Length: 46cm (other lengths available on request)
- Wooden Ball Handles / Knobs: Diameter: 40mm
- Weight (dry): approx. 157g
- Wick: Kevlar: Width: 50mm / Length: 40cm
- Head: Diameter: approx. 40mm

Price incl. VAT, plus delivery

Selection: Fire Swinging Torch - Pro

Product no. Material Wick Price
FSW-K-4 Kevlar Wick B: 50mm / L:40cm 18.90 € *
FSW-K-6 Kevlar Wick B: 50mm / L:60cm 20.30 € *
* Price incl. VAT, plus delivery

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Wick B: 50mm / L:40cm

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