The Encyclo-Poi-Dia (Vol. II)

This DVD is a major step forward in poi instruction, combining over 20 chapters of in-depth instruction with computer animation to simplify complex poi techniques and theories. The instruction will be interspersed with interviews and footage of some of the world's top spinners.



The Encyclo-Poi-Dia II

The Encyclo-Poi-Dia II

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Welcome to the future of Poi. The Encyclo-Poi-Dia Vol.2" is a
state-of-the-art Poi learning tool combining live video and computer simulations to teach a new system of poi spinning. Zan and Alien Jon team up to show a clear presentation of the new developments in the theory, technique, and practice of poi. Previously challenging concepts (including hybrids, floaters, inside moves, continuous assembly patterns, and many more) are broken down logically so that your body and your mind can pick them up as quickly as possible. The 22 instructional chapters run for 95 minutes, and are organized in a unique “choose your path“ format: after each lesson YOU choose where to go
next. The teaching goes beyond technique, into performance, practicing effectively, body movement, and other aspects of being a well-rounded poi spinner. For all levels: advanced beginner to expert. No other DVDs required.

In addition to setting the standard for poi instruction, this DVD also includes nearly 40 minutes of ‘Profiles‘: music videos compiled from performance and Interview footage of top-level poi spinners. While discussing their practice
techniques and poi philosophy, spinners such as Sage, Nick Woolsey, Noel Yee, and FireGroove put on dazzling poi performances that highlight their unique poi styles. Learn straight from the pros in these 11 chapters.


In the Poi world, this video is unprecedented in scope and production quality. Open to your highest poi potential; get this DVD.

- Video Length: 135 Minutes
- Subtitles: English and Spanish
- DVD is playable in all zones (code-free)
- Picture Format: NTSC

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