Dragon Staff Light

The return of the dragon! New improved design. Simply spectacular. The next level for contact fanatics.

The new super light version of the old school Dragon Staff. With only 1.3 kg it is much lighter and more comfortable to handle, especially for throws and extended practice sessions.

The Dragon Staff works like a slow Fei Cha, an ancient Chinese martial art weapon.

It can be handled like normal contact staffs, but the rolling makes it unique. The crosses at the ends spin very quickly, making fire circles, while the stick and the huge flames at the end roll very slowly. It provides a strange effect of a static body movement but a very dynamically spinning fire at the same time.

The shaft and cross sticks are made of aluminium 7075 which results in a highly durable construction at a very low weight. Because of it's extraordinary features this material is used also in aeronautics and for special aircrafts.

The combination of tennis grip tape and EPDM rubber on the centre piece ensures a soft, sweat-absorbing and comfortable grip for perfect handling.

The Dragon Staff can be dismantled into 5 pieces. One middle tube with a length of 120 cm, 2 crosses and two center heads at the end. Although the connection is very safe you should always check the screws before playing.

We recommend this equipment for professional contact players who want to impress their audience with a spectacular fire show only! Although the staff is made of highly durable material to withstand most crashes, repeated impacts at high speed on hard ground such as concrete however could bend the spines or damage the connecting parts of the staff. Always handle your equipment with care.

All our fire props come with a detailed guide for safety and maintenance of your equipment.

Check this
tutorial video to get started with the dragon staff..


- Length: 166cm
- Diameter (shaft): 22mm
- Diameter (crosses): 40cm
- Material: Aluminium 7075
- Soft EPDM Grip / Tennis Grip Tape
- Weight (dry): approx. 1400g
- 2 Heads: Length 100mm, Diameter: 50mm
- 8 Heads (Crosses): Length 50mm, Diameter 35mm
- Gora product

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