Fire Sword Vulcano

The Vulcano Sword is basically a combination of Gora’s Vul-Cane Lycopodium Torch and a Fire Swinging Sword to create a shit load of fire:)







Made from an aluminium tube which serves as a tank for the lycopodium the blade is wrapped in fire wick at a length of 54cm to provide an impressive flame as you would expect it from a fire-sword.

The handle measures 30 cm so you can grab the swords with either one or both hands. It is covered by a soft spongy rubber which is very comfortable and provides a good grip. A small swinging knob at the end will even extend the range of possible moves and tricks and a silicon guard between blade and handle will protect your hands from heat and dripping fuel.

The Vulcano comes with a funnel to fill the sword with up to 200 ml of Lycopodium, and a syringe to apply fuel to the wick. Make sure that no excess fuel at the tip of the blade contaminates the lycopodium. Hold the sword upright after filling it.

Once the Vulcano is lit bring it round in a wide, horizontal and continuous sweep. The lycopodium flowing out due to the centrifugal force ignites upon contact with the burning blade and leaves a massive trail of fire around you.

Needless to say the Vul-Cane is a dangerous prop if not used by an experienced and well trained person in a safe environment.

Don’t use in windy conditions.

Don’t use indoor.

Keep a distance of at least 6 meters to every direction from people, flammable materials, walls, etc.

Hold your breath during the effect so you don’t inhale the flame.

Follow the guidelines and safety instructions you receive with your product carefully!



- Length (total): 90cm
- Diameter (aluminum core): 18/22mm
- Diameter (blade): 30mm
- Length (blade / wick): 54cm
- Diameter (handle): 25mm
- Length (handle): 30cm
- Weight (dry / empty): approx. 415g
- Gora product    

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