Gora Polypro Fire Travel Hoop (light) - 5/6-Spoke

Versatile, high quality travel fire hoop with detachable flexible spokes. The Hoop can be used as a 5 or a 6 section hoop with or without spokes.




Gora Fire Hoop



Gora Fire Hoop


Gora Fire Hoop

Goras Polypro Fire Travel Hoop is super light and fully dismountable for travelling. The sections are connected by either the spokes or a set of screws which comes with the hoop so it can also be played without fire, just as a normal hoop.

Depending on whether it is used as a 5 or 6 spoke hoop the diameter of the hoop is 84cm or 100cm.

The burners are fully detachable and welded to semi-flexible stainless steel wire rope. The wire is stiff enough not to effect the feel of the hoop but means that the burners can handle knocks much better and won’t break.

The surface of the hoop is covered with sticky tape for better control, and shiny mirror tape for a glimmering effect.

Packs down into 5 x 54cm long pieces (to preserve the shape of the hoop it should be stored in its assembled state).

Please note:

Please follow the safety guidelines that come with our fire products.

Don't keep the Fire Hoop standing vertically or in the direction of the wind. Continuous fire can damage the ring.

All fire products come with a detailed guide for safety and maintenance of your equipment.


- Hoop Diameter (5-section / 5 spokes): 84cm
- Hoop Diameter (6-section / 6 spokes): 100cm
- Weight (dry, incl. spines 5/6): 700g / 840g
- Weight (dry, excl. spines 5/6): 430g / 515g
- Spine Length: 19cm
- Incl. screws and hex head wrench for use w/o spines
- Gora product


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