Dragon Adapter Cuff - SET

Make your Staff a Dragon Staff

This handy adapters can be easily attached to any Staff of 25mm or less in diameter to become a Dragon Staff just like the ready ones we are selling. If your staff is less than 25mm, like our Fibre 3s or Aluminium staffs, you need to use some sort of tape to reach the exact diameter. We recommend off-the-shelf heat resistant aluminium tape which also can be used to protect the surface of your staff where you attach the cuff.

Dragon Staffs work like a slow Fei Cha, an ancient Chinese martial art weapon.

It can be handled like normal contact staffs, but the rolling makes it unique. The crosses at the ends spin very quickly, making fire circles, while the stick and the huge flames at the end roll very slowly. It provides a strange effect of a static body movement but a very dynamically spinning fire at the same time.

The solid and reliable design is easy and user friendly to handle.

The spines can be connected to the cuff via a quick-link mechanism using integrated threaded ball spring plungers. This way it is very easy to attach and remove the spines.
For practice session it usually is enough just to plug them in. For spinning fire the screws should be tightened properly for safety reasons. A hex-wrench is included in the set. Remember to loosen the screws before taking the spines off again.

To guarantee a maximum of strength and impact resistance at a very low weight the 8mm Spines are made of aluminium 7075. A highly durable "Space Tech" alloy which has the same tensile strength than steel. Because of its extraordinary features this material is also used in aeronautics and for special aircrafts.

We recommend this equipment for professional contact players who want to impress their audience with a spectacular fire show only! Although the Dragon Adapter Cuff is made of highly durable material to withstand most crashes, repeated impacts at high speed on hard ground such as concrete however could bend the spines or damage the connecting parts. Always handle your equipment with care.

The length of your staff should at least be 150cm.

All our fire props come with a detailed guide for safety and maintenance of your equipment.

Check this
tutorial video to get started with the dragon staff..


- Inner diameter (shaft): 25mm
- Diameter: 43cm
- Material: Aluminium 7075
- Weight (dry): 310g per cuff incl. spines
- 2 Adapters + 8 Heads: length 50mm, Diameter: 35mm
- Gora product

Dragon Adapter Cuff

Dragon Adapter Cuff


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