Fibre III Contact Staff Soft Grip 1,60m

Professional, ultra strong pure fibreglass core contact fire staff. Length: 160cm, Diameter: 20mm, Soft Grip*,
Para-aramid wick: 80cm x 120mm per burner.
Weight: approx. 1120g.

Over 3 generations this ultra strong pure fibreglass core fire staff, was slowly brought to perfection. The new Fibre III has been tried and tested by many great staffers who have added both feedback and features they wanted. The result is a work horse contact fire staff specifically designed for professional contact staffers. Every effort has been made to ensure consistency in high quality on this new prop which is bound to become a favourite with many contact staff users.

The heavy fibreglass core results in an outstanding momentum even at very slow speeds, giving you the feeling that it rotates almost all by itself. The shaft will not get hot, even after repeated burns.

Fibre III contact fire staff 1,40m

Fibre III contact fire staff 1,40m

The discreet flex provided by the fibreglass is firm enough to not hinder play but still absorb shock from the highest throws. The core is so strong you can start to play with bounces and kicks off knees and feet for impressive fire balls with no risk of snapping or bending.

The super strong, flanged bolts (made in Germany) go right through the entire burner ensuring the wicks are easy to replace. Securing each other the bolts are not causing any deterioration to the core, thus making the Fibre III extremely durable, unlike most other staffs with a limited life span due to screws that eventually wear away the core.

Both the bolts and the 20cm long combined aluminium heat shields and bash guards at either end, add more weight to the extremities for great fluidity and momentum.

*The extra long padded handle with the insulated textured grip material is top quality.
It provides excellent and safe handling features and performs slightly better than the silicone grips under damp conditions.

The high grade para-aramid wick used on the Fibre III staffs is specifically designed for use with paraffin solvents and offers a great absorbing capacity. It is extremely resistant to both heat and friction. The weave itself has been developed to minimise fraying and extend the life time of your fire wick. A generous amount of 2x80cm of 120mm wide wick per burner guarantees long lasting and consistent burns.

The Fibre III comes with a detailed guide for safety and maintenance of your equipment.


- Length: 160cm
- Diameter (shaft): 20mm
- Material (shaft): Fibreglass
- Weight (dry): approx. 1120g

- Para-aramid wicks: Length: 2x80cm / Width: 120mm
- Firetoys product

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