Sock Poi - Standard

(Colour: white)

Sock Poi made from high grade Nylon / Lycra.
Length: 600 mm

Extremely smooth, soft and elastic. Awesome for playing all different kinds of air wraps, hyper loops, stalls, contact...

Yellow / green and white socks glow under UV light.

Socks incl. tennisball.









Through a side opening the tennis balls can be easily replaced by any other balls, Glow-/LED-balls, or breaklights.

Especially white and green/yellow socks are quite translucent and create nice effects with our Rainbow Glow Poi, Glowballs or LED-Globes
.  The fine and very soft fabric spreads the light and looks like a veil of light in the darkness.

Price per piece for individual colour combinations!


- High quality stretchy Lycra
- Length: 600mm
- Including tennisball
- Weight: 70g/unit

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