Lycopodium (heavy)

(Packing unit / Weight: 1,0 kg)

High purity Lycopodium (heavy quality) for fire breathing, stage magic or pyrotechnical fire effects such as fireballs or flame pillars.

Lycopodium, Lykopodium

Lycopodium, Lykopodium

Lycopodium (a.k.a. dragon’s breath) is the spore of the club moss (Lycopodium clavatum). A natural, completely nontoxic product which is used in traditional medicine and for creating fire effects since hundreds of years. Especially for fire-breathing the fine and oily powder is a less dangerous alternative to purified liquids.

Sprinkled on a small flame or dispersed in the air and ignited it produces bright flashes of fire, very similar to a dust explosion. It is not explosive as a powder, only when it is dispersed in the air.

As the powder’s fluidity is very similar to water it can be pneumatically conveyed. Using special pyrotechnical devices (i.e. flame mortars such as the Lycomaster) flame pillars of up to 4 meters height can be created.

The volume of 1 kg lycopodium is approx. 1,6 liters

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- high quality and high purity Lycopodium
- heavy quality
- fammable solid organic powder
- non toxic natural product
- not environmentally hazardous
- not groundwater endangering
- dermatological harmless
- extremely explosive in presence of open flames and sparks. Capable of dust explosion
- safely packed in reclosable plastic canisters
- store cool and dry

Handling and safety instructions:
- do not smoke
- stay away from open flames and possible ignition sources. Dust is highly explosive
- can cause allergic reactions if inhaled or swallowed
- wear appropriate respirator when ventilation is inadequate
- use water or a hoover to clean tools and residues
- keep out of reach of children

Please note: Classification of dangerous materials and goods depends on the respective domestic laws. Regulations for storage, transport, etc. might differ from German regulations.

This product should be used by experienced and qualified individuals only!
Fire-breathing is extremely dangerous! Use at your own risk!!! We do not promote usage of fire!

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LYCS-500 500 g 48.10 € *
1 kg = 96.20 €
LYCS-001 1,0 kg 89.15 € *
LYCS-002 2,0 kg 174.40 € *
1 kg = 87.20 €
LYCS-003 3,0 kg 258.42 € *
1 kg = 86.14 €
LYCS-005 5,0 kg 425.85 € *
1 kg = 85.17 €
LYCS-010 10,0 kg 826.60 € *
1 kg = 82.66 €
LYCS-025 25,0 kg 2,009.00 € *
1 kg = 80.36 €
LYCS-050 50,0 kg 3,964.50 € *
1 kg = 79.29 €
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Packing unit / Weight 1,0 kg

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