LED-Wand - Solaris

LED-Megawand, super bright, 4-colours, 7 functions,
comes with band und batteries, Length: 23cm















 LED-Stab Solaris

 LED-Stab Solaris

 LED-Stab Solaris

 LED-Stab Solaris

By a kind of "magnifying effect" the plastic case intensifies and evenly spreads the light of 5 integrated LEDs.

With a push-button you can choose in between various functions, such as fast or slow flashing or just a steady light.

All LED-Wands are delivered with replaceable batteries
(3xAG13 or LR44)
. You can find spare batteries for a fair price in our accessories section.


20% for a box of  10: 4,76 €/unit (save 9,70 €)
45% for a box of  50: 3,27 €/unit (save 121,00 €)
55% for a box of 100: 2,68 €/unit (save 121,00 €) 

Can I use these as poi ???

The LED-Megawand is rather a funky gimmick for parties or concerts than a poi.

However you can spin them as poi if you are careful not to crash them together too hard. To protect them you can warp them in bubble-wrap which absorbs crushes but still lets the light shine through. Clear transparent sticky tapes works as well.

We are using bubble wrap for packing anyway, so you won't have to worry about where to get it from:)  

- Length wand: 23cm
- Total Length (incl. strap): 61cm
- 1 continuous + 6 colour change programs
- Incl. batteries 3xAG13 (=LR44 / L1154)
- Weight: 40g/unit

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