Glowball - Profi Edition

Glowballs (Pro Edition) with adjustable nylon cords, swivels (60 lb max.) and double loop handles, incl. 2 sets of batteries. Impact resistant white plastic.

















You can choose between various steady colours and 2 different colour changing RGB-/ Rainbow-programs.
A set of batteries lasts for incredible 20-40 hours!

If the ball is turned off, the light snow white surface is glowing under UV light. The batteries can be changed easily without any extra tools in no time.

You can find spare batteries for a fair price in our accessories section.


- Diameter: 80 mm
- Weight: 68 g (ball without strings and handles)
- Incl. 2 sets of batteries for each ball
- Battery life approx. 20 - 40 hours!!!
- 9 Programs: 7 steady colours + 2 colour-changing progs
- Super bright high intensity LEDs
- Splash-proof against rain


The Glowballs can be inserted into our Sock-Poi through a side opening.
The fine and very soft fabric spreads the light and looks like a veil of light in the darkness. Works best with white and green / yellow socks.


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