Firetoys Fire Palms (hand candles)

Our newly redesigned Firetoys fire palms are ideal for fire fire belly dancing or other dance routines. 




Firetoys Fire Palms Handkerzen

Firetoys Fire Palms Handkerzen

The stainless steel plate sits comfortably in the hand and the velcro strap means that these fire palms will fit any size hand.

Stainless steel has a low heat conductivity so the base plate will not get hot even after repeated burns.

The wicks will last many, many burns but are easily replaced when necessary by unscrewing the nut from the stainless steel rod.

All fire products come with a detailed guide for safety and maintenance of your equipment.


- Base dimensions: 40mm x 70mm
- Height: approx. 115mm
- Individual Weight: approx. 86g
- Wicks: para-aramid fibres, Width: 25mm


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