Lotus Fire Palms (hand candles)

Beautifully crafted stainless steel hand candles ideal for fire belly dancing or other dance routines. 







Made from stainless steel and designed to be extremely durable whilst looking and feeling great.

The 25mm wick will burn for around 3 minutes, and although it will last many many burns the wick can be easily replaced with a screw driver.

The stainless steel circular base can be used with or without the adjustable Velcro strap and provides good stability and a variety of hand holds.

The metal lotus flower can become a little hot after a few minutes so as with all fire props we would recommend you practice well before lighting.

All fire products come with a detailed guide for safety
and maintenance of your equipment.


- Diameter: approx. 9cm
- Height: approx. 10cm
- Individual Weight: approx. 140g

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64.95 / pair(s)
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