Dance Of The Comets

A poi training video for beginners.

In Dance Of The Comets you will be taught the basic as well as advanced moves of poi.




Dance Of The Comets

Dance Of The Comets

Moves demonstrated will include: Basic and advanced turning, Corkscrew, Weave – forwards, backwards & overhead. Butterfly forwards, backwards, overhead, behind the back, alternate, mexican wave, thread the needle and one handed butterfly. The buzzsaw & how to supersize.

You will also be shown how to hold the Comets and how to adjust them to the best size for you.

The art of poi has been practiced for hundreds of years by the Maori’s of New Zealand. It was used by the warriors and women alike as a tool for developing co-ordination, flexibility and grace.

This training video was shot in a studio so we used UV lights as a way of demonstrating the complete move. This is by no means the only way to play with your comets. The garden, a park or the beach are great places to play and share your moves with some friends. The most important thing is to smile and have fun.


- DVD is playable in all zones (code-free)
- Language: English + German

Price incl. VAT, plus delivery

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