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LED-Wand - Rainbow

(Handles: double loop handles)

LED-Wand "Rainbow", colour change + 5 more flashing programs, adjustable nylon cord with swivel and single or double-loop-handles. Length: 18cm




 Rainbow LED-Wand

 Rainbow LED-Wand
 Rainbow LED-Wand

Rainbow LED-Wand

The white plastic case spreads the bright light of 3 LEDs evenly over the entire wand.
As against our LED-Wands Solaris and Eclipse this product offers a colour change option, slowly fading in between the colours of the rainbow.

With a push-button you can choose in between the 6 different functions:

1) flashing red / blue / green
2) colour changing program
3) all LEDs continuously on
4) flashing green
5) flashing blue
6) flashing red


Comes with a set of nylon single or double finger loop handles with cords and swivels. The cords can easily be adjusted in length by re doing the knot.

Batteries are included (3 x AG13 per wand) You can find spare batteries for a fair price in our accessories section.

The Rainbow LED Wands are NOT professional LED-Poi. They are quite resistant, hard impacts should be avoided though. The impact absorbers on top of the poi can be pushed together to support the push-button, so it does not actuate on impacts.

- Length wand: 18cm
- 4 flashing, 1 continuous, 1 colour change program
- Incl. batteries 3 x AG13 (=LR44 / L1154)
- Weight (incl. cord, handles, etc.): 90g/pair
- Nylon
single or double finger loop handles
- Nickel plated D-Ring
- Nylon cord, 3mm diameter, adjustable
- Swivel
- Nickel plated steel split-ring, 25mm diameter

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