Thai Staff

Moooore fire for the Daring...

The classic recipe of a fire show is “Faster, Higher and MOOORE FIRE!”. Technically, the thai staff is a long spinner staff with an enormous amount of fire!

The thai staff is made from a 15 x 1 mm duraluminum tube. It resists the heat of the fire wonderfully and makes a very lightweight prop, however it is somewhat fragile so it is important to take care during transport, i.e. do not step on your Thai Staff.

The cone-shaped handle is covered with SuperGrip® tape for excellent hold.

Sillicone Disc protectors save your hands from the huge flames creeping up the staff as long as you keep spinning at least slowly. It is however important you do not perform static, vertical positions especially at the beginning of your show when the flames are still too large and hot!

The design of the fire blade is similar to that of the Fire Contact Sword.

All our fire props come with a detailed guide for safety and maintenance of your equipment.


- Length: 150cm
- Diameter (handle): 20-30mm
- Material: Duraluminium 15x1
- Soft SuperGrip®
- Weight (dry): approx. 520g
- Heads / Blades: Length 490mm, Diameter 50mm
- Gora product

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