Portable Contact Fire Staff

Probably the best collapsible fire staff available this will be your perfect travel mate, which will easily fit in your backpack.

If you ever travelled with a staff you know it can be a pain in the ass, especially on flights, bus- and boat rides. Now here's the perfect solution. Gora's 3 piece portable fire contact staff. When broke down it measures 60cm only and will fit in most backpacks or at least can be attached on it's side if you don't want your clothes to smell of kerosene:) At the same time it meets all requirements of a proper contact staff.

Whereas most portable staffs on the market are based on a threaded connection, which never lasts very long, Gora's joining mechanism is a brilliant, highly reliable system very similar to what you may have seen already on Concentrate Staffs. Rubber cushions on the end of the centre piece are compressed and expand when plugged into the outer pieces and turned. This locking mechanism is very sturdy, strong and resistant to even heavy impacts. Only take care the sections are properly tightened each time before using the staff and keep the connection free from dirt when breaking down the staff.

To guarantee a maximum of strength at a very low weight the Staff is made of aluminium 7075. A highly durable "Space Tech" alloy which has the same tensile strength than steel. Because of its extraordinary features this material is also used in aeronautics and for special aircrafts.

The combination of tennis grip tape and EPDM rubber on the centre piece ensures a soft, sweat-absorbing and comfortable grip for perfect handling.

Silicon protectors around the aluminium on the end pieces insulate against the hot metal and minimise the risk of burns. Although the silicon has a very good heat resistance it is not totally fire proof, so the staff shouldn't be held vertically when lit. Never use petrol, ethyl alcohol/methylated spirit or similar flammable liquids as this will reduce the life of the silicone sheath. Read the Guidelines which come with your staff before using it!

Further more the silicon adds weight to the end of the staff where you wanna have it to give it an outstanding momentum. As opposed to other portable staffs, with the usually heavy joining mechanism adding too much weight to the centre, which makes them unsuitable for contact moves, Gora's 3-piece travel mate is extremely well balanced and almost as good for contact as a our single piece staffs.

The Staff comes with attachable rubber flowers. The will slow down the staff a bit, give some extra weight to the ends and last but not least look gorgeous.

All our fire props come with a detailed guide for safety and maintenance of your equipment.


- Length: 150cm
- Transport Length: 60cm
- Diameter (shaft): 25mm
- Material: Aluminium 7075
- Soft EPDM Grip / Tennis Grip Tape
- Weight (dry): approx. 970g
- Heads: Length 100mm, Diameter 45mm
- Gora product

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Portable Contact Fire Staff

Portable Contact Fire Staff

Portable Contact Fire Staff

Portable Contact Fire Staff


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