Lyco Pumps

(Größe: Large)

Handy pump for lycopodium in different sizes to create beautiful and massive fire effects.


The pump can be easily filled by sucking the lycopodium powder into it. Press the air out of the rubber bulb, stick the nozzle into the lycopodium, keep the pump horizontally and release the pump. Then keep the nozzle upwards and carefully squeeze out the remaining air again. Repeat the process until the pump is properly filled. Some air however should remain in the pump for the best results.

Once you squeeze the so filled pump the powder will shoot out. The cloud ignites when hitting an open flame and will create an effect similar to fire breathing. By moving the pump while squeezing out the powder you can create different shapes of fire. Try making a quick pirouette for example to create a ring of fire around your body and stun your audience.

If you want to hide the pump from your audience to create the illusion that the fire balls arise from your bare hand use the smaller size pumps.


Important notes:

Only for experienced fire performers!

Please mind the usual safety precautions and always be careful.

Mind the wind!

Hold your breath during the explosion not to inhale the burning powder!

Use at your own risk!!!


- Small: 90mm x 45mm
- Medium: 115mm x 70mm
- Large: 130mm x 85mm

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