Glowball - ZiriuZ 2.0

(Cord: Standard Cord without swivel)

The new improved version of our Ziriuz Ball adds a new dimensions to poi performance. Besides the usual variety of 33 different programs some brand-new features make these babies very special:
















Optionally available with
Cole Cords: + 5,99 EUR
Cole Cords Set 4mm


Cole Cord 4mm

Cole Cords Set 4mm

With the new patented motion sensor activated you can move to the next of 8 sequences within the main programs on-the-fly by simply accelerating your poi beyond the threshold. This way you can take direct influence on the effects while playing.

For the first time the effects on both poi are kept in sync by new quartz clocked CPUs to make sure you can create a homogeneous image for your audience throughout your performance.

The new demo mode offers 30 minutes of playing through a universe of effects with both poi fully synchronised at all times.

Another 32 programs van be selected by a small push button on top of each poi. Choose between extremely bright and vibrant colours in multiple patterns, rainbow colour fade and strobe effects.

Even with the motion sensor turned of you can influence several programs by changing the speed of spinning. Patterns will appear to move forward / backward or steady depending on how fast you spin your poi.

The ZiriuZ 2.0 can now be used with standard off-the-shelf 1.5V AAA batteries instead of button cells. For environmental reasons we recommend to use rechargeable batteries, though. Due to the small power consumption batteries will last quite long.

Made of super soft PVC the balls absorb accidental impacts and minimise the risk of injuries. The electronic components on the inside are protected by a highly impact resistant PC core. The balls glow under UV light if turned off and are splash water proof.

Comes as a complete set incl. adjustable nylon cords and soft double loop handles. Batteries are not included but can be purchased separately from our accessories section.

Does not fit in our sock poi!

Optional: Cole Cords
For a small surcharge of 5,99 Euro the ZiriuZ 2.0 are available with coal cords and ball bearing swivels instead of standard cords. The coal cords are thick and soft and along with the ball bearing swivels perfect for playing moves like hyper loops or wraps. Individual length must be adjusted by making a knot at the end of the ropes. The coal cords come without cord stoppers or clips to make your hyper loops as smooth as possible.


- Diameter: 95 mm
- Weight: 108 g (ball without cords and handles)
- Increased operating time due to low
  power consumption
- Quick and easy change of batteries
- 33 effect programs
- 2k Quartz controlled CPUs
- Motion sensor
- Super bright high intensity LEDs
- Splash-proof against rain
- Adjustable nylon cords
- Double loop handles
- Optional: Cole Cords
- Batteries not included!

38.98 / pair(s)
Price incl. VAT, plus delivery

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Cord Standard Cord without swivel


Product Note Price
Batteries AAA (Zinc Carbon) 8 pcs/pack Batteries AAA (Zinc Carbon) 8 pcs/pack
2.30 € *
Batteries AAA (Alkaline) 10 pcs/pack Batteries AAA (Alkaline) 10 pcs/pack
3.80 € *
* Price incl. VAT, plus delivery
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