Gora Fire Whip - Short

With its massive effect this prop will be the perfect highlight for your performance. Impress your audience by creating massive fireballs with every whiplash.




Gora Fire Whip - Short



With a total length of approx. 2,30 meters these short version of durable fire whips, made by Gora, are perfect for beginners in this discipline or for playing double whip.

The whip itself is made from braided, 100% Kevlar rope and a replaceable cracker for the characteristic sound effect.

The handle is crafted from aluminium, covered with heat proof silicone grip tape for safe and comfy handling and mounted with a silicone heat shield to protect your hands.

A fibreglass rod at the core of the whip, that becomes thinner along the shaft, ensures perfect flexibility and control.

For double use we recommend the short version.

Please note:

As there is plenty of fire anyway there is no need to soak the root of the whip, as excessive fuel can be potentially dangerous for the user and could damage the silicone heat shield. Never put down the whip whilst on fire unless in emergencies as this could damage the Kevlar rope beyond repair.

Whips are not toys! Even if not on fire, never use this performance tool in an environment where people could get hurt. Keep enough distance to objects.

Excessive fuel will give you a massive effect, but also makes your performance area slippery.

Adult supervision and eye protection is highly recommended until a high level of proficiency is attained.

All fire products come with a detailed guide for safety and maintenance of your equipment.


- Length (total): approx. 230cm
- Length (handle): approx.30 - 40cm
- Length (kevlar rope): approx. 150cm
- Weight (dry): approx. 340g
- Gora product

As all whips are hand-made above listed values or pictures can slightly diffe!  

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