Fire Umbrella

The Fire Umbrella is a unique and quite imposing tool, which we recommend especially for dance performances or theater.
It is quite easy to use and will highlight your fire show without requiring a lot of training.




Fire Umbrella
Fire Umbrella
Fire Umbrella

Fire Umbrella
Fire Umbrella

There’s a burner at the top of the umbrella and 8 more at the outer tips.

With a diameter of 130cm and a length of 99cm it is the size of a proper standard umbrella. It comes with an 80cm extension for the handle.

The umbrella is an awesome but sensitive prop which always should be handled with care. Avoid mechanical stress, especially during transport and storage. Always keep it open when lit and don't close as long as the fire is on or the heads are still hot.

All fire products come with a detailed guide for safety and maintenance of your equipment.


- Diameter (open): 130cm
- Heads: 8 x 50mm x 30mm + 1 x 25mm x 35mm
- Extension incl. +80cm
- Length (total): 99cm / 179cm
- Weight (dry): 780g / 890g
- Gora product

















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