Fire Contact Sword

Combine the art of contact staff and martial arts and set this highly addictive unique prop on fire to make your audience freak out.




Fire Contact Sword

Fire Sword

After 3 years of development this contact sword is probably the best on the market. Just like the Gora standard fire sword, this version can be used for stage combat and spinning, but is differently balanced to also make contact moves possible.

A 50mm and 500g heavy steel ball counterweight, hidden in the end of the handle shifts the balance point within the handle and makes the sword almost spin by itself. As the balance point changes with the fuel burning out, it is indicated by luminous markers for both, dry and fully soaked weight.

To guarantee a maximum of strength and to make sure the sword won’t bend or break during normal use its core is made of aluminium 7075, a highly durable "Space Tech" alloy which has the same tensile strength than steel. Because of its extraordinary features this material is also used in aeronautics and for special aircrafts. The total weight is only around 1100g at a length of 126cm.

Handle and counterweight are well padded and shaped by a combination of tennis grip tape and EPDM rubber to ensure a soft, sweat-absorbing and comfortable grip for perfect handling. A silicon guard between blade and handle will protect your hands from heat and dripping paraffin to reduce the risk of burns. As the silicon is heat resistant, but not fire-proof, you should not expose it to the flames for an extended period by continuously pointing the sword downwards!

The tip of the sword is sealed by Kevlar wick to minimise abrasion.

Please note:

We recommend this equipment for professional contact players only!

Please follow the safety guidelines that come with our fire products

Do not continuously keep the sword pointing downwards.

Have cooling down breaks and stops.

Do not hit each other. This handcrafted prop is durable, but not designed for full contact fighting or to withstand the impact of hard knocks and drops. Don't put your sword on the ground while burning.

All fire products come with a detailed guide for safety
and maintenance of your equipment.



- Diameter (blade): 23mm
- Diameter (handle): 20-60mm
- Length (total): 126cm
- Length (handle): 52cm
- Length (blade): 71cm
- Weight (dry): 1100g
- Gora product

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