Fire Levi Stick

Amaze your audience with the magically floating wand.




Levi Stick

Levi Stick

Levi Stick

The Levi Stick is a floating magic wand on fire, with an amazing effect.

The center of the Aluminium rod is fixed to an ultra thin and strong steel wire which becomes invisible at the distance or with an appropriate background.

A 25mm split ring with a swivel serves as finger-loop.

The Levi Stick needs only a little bit of practice before you can impress your audience with a fire wand following your every move or floating between your arms and hands.
While one hand controls the Levi Stick the other hand can seemingly push, pull, turn around or lift the fire.

The Levi Stick is 70cm long and weighs 135g only so it can be handled easily without effort.

The 25mm wick at both ends will give you enough burning time.

We recommend this highly entertaining prop for small and sophisticated fire-shows or conjuring performances.

All fire products come with a detailed guide for safety and maintenance of your equipment.


- Total Length (Levi Stick): 70cm
- Total Length (steel wire): 45cm
- Diameter (Levi Stick): 8-10mm
- Diameter (fingerring): 25mm
- Diameter (Heads): 30mm
- Wick: 25mm
- Weight (dry): 135g
- Gora product

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