Gossamer Flag Poi

(Colour: UV orange / black)

Made from sheer organza trimmed with satin ribbon, incl. double loop finger handles, swivel, free carry bag.





Balanced and weighted along the leading edges (short sides) these Flag Poi feel great and have a graceful smooth flight. Beautiful especially in daylight or under UV-/black light. The swivel handles prevent unwanted tangles.
Experience spinning in slow motion!

Due their sheer size these poi are not recommended for beginners!


Available colour combinations:

UV-green/purple, UV-orange/black, purple/UV-pink, UV-pink/UV-yellow, purple/yellow

- Material: Organza / Nylon
- Weighted leading edges
- Incl. ripstop draw string bag
- Double loop finger handles
- Flag dimensions: 60cm / 60cm / 85cm
- Leading edges incl. handles: 70cm
- Weight:175g/pair

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