Pro Fire Travel Hoop - 100cm - 5 Spoke

Top quality travel fire hoop with detachable flexible spokes.

Medium size, weight: 790g, hoop diameter: 100cm,
tube diameter 20mm











The Pro Travel Fire Hula Hoop is one the lightest travel fire hoops on the market. The hoop has the same design as our other Fire hoops but is made from light weight 20mm high density (HDPE) pipe making the pro hoop 35% lighter than standard travel fire hoops.


The 5 burners are fully detachable and welded to semi-flexible stainless steel wire rope. The wire is stiff enough not to effect the feel of the hoop but means that the burners can handle knocks much better.

Every effort has been made to make this hoop as strong and as user friendly as possible without compromising the weight. The housing for the spines is nice and strong and there are no bumps on the inside of the hoop making it a joy to use and a spectacle to behold.

Packs down into 5 x 68cm long pieces (to preserve the shape of the hoop it should be stored in its assembled state).

The 65mm para-aramid based wick is rolled to increase burn-time.

All fire products come with a detailed guide for safety
and maintenance of your equipment.

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- Decoration: UV grip tape and shiny silver tape.
- Hoop Diameter: 100cm
- Spine Length: 16cm
- Weight: 790g
- Wicks: para-aramid fibres, 5 x 25cm x 65mm

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