Juggle Dream 3 Burners Fire Fan

The Juggle Dream Lotus Fire Fans are captivating and the upgraded version of fire fans is designed to enhance your performance and mesmerize your audience. 









The Juggle Dream 3 Burners - Fire Fan - Pair is a well-crafted and thoughtful option for fire performers. The combination of being solid, light, and professionally made demonstrates the focus on both durability and ease of use. The attention to detail, such as the high-temperature resistant black paint, not only adds to the aesthetics but also ensures the fans' ability to withstand the heat produced during performances.

The right stiffness of the construction is an essential characteristic as it allows for more precise and controlled movements while spinning and dancing with the fans. The comfortable circle for holding in each fan is another great feature, as it enables performers to have a secure grip without limiting their range of motion.

3 arms with a total span of 45cm and a total length of 40cm provide a visually appealing fan shape during performances. The ring with an inner diameter of 5cm allows for smooth rotations and spins.

Each arm is equipped with securely attached 50mm Kevlar wick. The burner diameter is 3.5cm and offers an approximate burning time of 3 to 4 minutes, allowing you sufficient time to showcase your fire dancing skills.

With a weight of only 190g per fan these lightweights makes it easier for performers to handle and manoeuvre the fans.

All fire products come with a detailed guide for safety and maintenance of your equipment.


- Length: 40cm
- Span: 45cm
- Weight (dry): 355g each
- Wick Width: 50mm
- Juggle Dream  product


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