FT Lightweight Folding Fire Fans

Lightweight folding fire fans. More portable and versatile than fixed fire fans. 





These folding fire fans offer a great alternative to fixed fire fans. They may have smaller wicks than fixed fans, meaning they have a slightly shorter burn time and smaller flame size, but they are much more portable as they can fold down to a small size.

These folding fans will make a full circle when both are held together, fully open. This is very useful for isolations and other technical fan manipulation.

The arms of these fans can be flicked open or shut to great effect in your performance. The action is smooth and requires little effort and fabric straps stop the arms from opening too far. Please be aware that it is possible to squash fingers between the fan's arms if you are not familiar with this prop.

The high grade fire wick made from para-aramid fibres and free of cheap additives such as glass fibres.
It is specifically designed for use with paraffin solvents, offers a great absorbing capacity and is extremely resistant to both heat and friction. The weave itself has been developed to minimise fraying and extend the life time of your fire wick.  If used properly this wick should last you several hundred burns if not more.


 - Length: 37cm
- Maximum Span: 71cm
- Weight (dry): 355g each
- Wicks: para-aramid fibres,
  Length: 5x20cm / Width: 50mm
- Firetoys product


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