Fire fingers (23cm)

Spice up your dance performance with this set of 10 Fire fingers.







Each finger is made from high quality stainless steel lined with a comfortable non-slip foam rubber grip which helps keep them firmly attached to your fingers.

These fingers are designed for medium sized hands, each finger is adjustable.

We recommend you use these short fire fingers with a tight fitting pair of leather gloves as the shafts get quite hot.

The high grade fire wick made from para-aramid fibres and free of cheap additives such as glass fibres. It is specifically designed for use with paraffin solvents, offers a great absorbing capacity and is extremely resistant to both heat and friction. The weave itself has been developed to minimise fraying and extend the life time of your fire wick.

Designed to be easily re wicked our fire fingers, if used correctly, will last you many years.

All fire products come with a detailed guide for safety
and maintenance of your equipment.




- Length: 23cm
- Individual weight: 39g
- Wicks: para-aramid fibres, Width: 25mm


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