Sphercular Vision

Spherculism and Bad Science proudly present "Sphercular Vision" an experimental film featuring world class artists from all round the underground.

Poi, staff, diabolos, devilsticks, acrylics, hoops, clubs and other random objects are spun, tangled, twirled, wibbled, juggled, set on fire and manipulated in ways that redefine the boundaries of these sphercular arts. 

The music of ‘Bad Science’, ‘The Scrub’, ‘Dub from the Golden Valley’, ‘Infinite Potential’ and ‘Kyle and Elliot’ provides spacious soundscapes, bumping grooves and conscious lyrics which choreograph matt's mind bending visuals into an immersive fusion of sound and movement.

The main aim of spherculism is to accelerate learning and fuel understanding, so join us to learn, teach, share and inspire.

- Video Length: approx. 95 Minutes
- Playable in all zones (code-free)
- Picture Format: NTSC
- some explicit lyrics







Sphercular Vision



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