Circles Of Light - COL 2007

Highlights from the 2007 video competition. As usual a firework of inspirations. 29 performances, lots of poi, staff, hoops, fans at the highest level.

Flow Garden, USA
Zaobab in Africa, Japan
Firedance with the light, Germany
Noel-ski, Greg Maldonado, and Dave, USA
Fire Sisters Mix, Canada
Infinitos, Czech Republic
Michael Kevin Farrell, USA
Sandstone Shadow, Australia
Flamming Passion, Canada
Ring of Fire: Spiral Fire Hoop Dance, USA
Poi Story, Somewhere in a far country
Nosh, Australia
MCP, Scotland, UK
Burning Match, Israel
Rossi Street, USA
Paulino (Faisca), Philippines
Ebb and Flow, Australia
Asaf and Elhanan, Israel
Fire Groove, USA
Short Fusion, Slovak Republic
Astro on Fire, USA
M.3.2, England, UK
Nox Incendio, USA
Poism, Japan
Elias (still not ) on Fire, USA
Ninaruna, Austria







Circles Of Light - COL 2007


Blazing Phoenix, Australia
Tulic, Israel
Dreamtime Circus "Fiesty Felines", USA



- Video Length: approx. 90 Minutes
- Playable in all zones (code-free)
- Picture Format: NTSC

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