Stage Lamp

(Colour: silver)

Beautifully designed this decorative lamp is perfect to frame your stage setting and for lighting your fire equipment during your performance.




Stage Lamp

Stage Lamp

Stage Lamp

For street performances you can create your own stage or mark your stage area by a fire ring. Scroll down for quantity discounts;)

Especially designed for stage use its functional characteristics make it predestined for fire shows.

As the size of the lamp is not too big it is easy to transport. The wick however is big enough to create proper flames and light your stage.

The three-legged mount keeps the tank standing savely and stable with a little distance from the ground. The mounts can be stacked inside each other for space saving storage.

A screw topped filling nozzle makes it easy to refill the lamps quickly and store or transport them safely.

To easily extinguish the flames a wick-cap is fixed to the mount by a chain so it can’t get lost. The cap also covers the sooty wick during transport to keep the rest of your equipment clean and prevents evaporation the remaining fuel. This way you don’t necessarily have to empty the tanks for transport as long as kept upright.

Up to several hours burning time will be enough for even extended fire shows.

Please use only clear lamp oil / petroleum to fuel the lamps. Never use petrol, ethyl alcohol/methylated spirit or similar flammable liquids containing toxic additives like benzene and naphtha.


- Wick: fiberglass
- Height: 20cm
- Diameter: 15cm
- Weight (dry): 620g

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