Vul-Cane - Lycopodium Torch

Create some massive fire effects with this simple prop and some lycopodium.





Gora Vul-Cane Lykofackel
Gora Vul-Cane Lykofackel 

For a low weight and easy handling the shaft of the Vul-Cane is made of a 22mm aluminium tube which is topped by 25mm kevlar wick.

Fill the aluminium tube with lycopodium using a funnel.
Once the Vul-Cane is filled keep it upright. Then carefully apply the paraffin to the wick with the help of a proper sized syringe, so the lycopodium doesn’t get wet and light it.

Bring the wand round in a wide and continuous sweep. The lycopodium flowing out due to the centrifugal force ignites upon contact with the burning head and leaves a massive trail of fire around you.

Needless to say the Vul-Cane is a dangerous prop if not used by an experienced and well trained person in a safe environment.

Don’t use in windy conditions. Don’t use indoor.

Keep a distance of at least 6 meters to every direction from people, flammable materials, walls, etc.

Keep your breath during the effect so you don’t inhale the flame.

Follow the guidelines and safety instructions you receive with your product carefully!


Product specifications:

- Length: 90cm
- Diameter (shaft): 22mm
- Diameter (head): 40mm
- Weight (dry): approx. 135g
- Gora product

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